Context: On September 18th 2022 Puerto Rico suffered devastating damages in the hands of hurricane Fiona. The severity of the damages is due in large part to the Puerto Rican government's horrific mismanagement of relief funds. Mofongo Kicks started a social media campaign and merch sale to raise funds and awareness for 2 local relief organizations (learn more about those amazing non-profits here and here).
This design is inspired by activist posters and it illustrates the anger and frustration the Puerto Rican people feel towards its own government.
The text in Spanish translated reads: "The government of Puerto Rico have stolen: our happiness, our housing, our health, our beaches, our liberty, our education and our money. We are not a poor country, we are a county impoverished by corrupt politicians. Viva Puerto Rico Libre"
This design is much more uplifting and happy in its art style, the theme and inspiration of this piece is the people of Puerto Rico who protect and look out for each other in these emergency situations.
Social media posts announcing the details of the pre-order sale and information on the non-profit organizations.
Mofongo Kicks' blog post about this fundraiser.
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