Hola! My name is Josué Alberto Pacheco Lentz, and I'm a graphic artist from Yauco, Puerto Rico, currently based in New Jersey. I specialize in apparel and brand design and have worked with artists, brands, and individuals on a variety of projects, including logo and brand design, graphic apparel, social media graphics, signage, cover art, and more.
I am passionate about creating designs that tell a story and connect with your audience in a memorable and authentic way. For me, design is about more than just aesthetics—it's about understanding the values and personality of a brand or individual and using design to bring that to life.
In 2018, while I was in my second year of college for graphic design, my brother Carlos started a Spanish sneaker blog called "Mofongo Kicks" as a passion project. He asked me to help by creating social media posts and other miscellaneous graphics. As the blog kept growing and getting more traction, we found an amazing community of people who appreciate sneakers as art and culture. In 2020, we officially launched the streetwear brand side of Mofongo Kicks as our love letter to all things Puerto Rico, sneakers, and pop culture. Since then, we've sold thousands of t-shirts and other products online and in pop-up events in Santurce PR, Orlando FL, and Brooklyn NY.
Check out our online store here!
If you like my work and would like to know more about me, please reach out and send me an email at pulposabrosopr@gmail.com